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    Beyond being family friendly and avoiding spam, there is really only one rule: THREAD AUTHORS SET THE RULES FOR THEIR THREADS. A thread author is defined as the individual who starts a topic by pressing "New Topic". Details are provided in this forum, but that's about the simplest most effective rule there is.

    A mission statement is also provided. Also there is admin stuff like telling you to clear your cache so that ongoing software improvements don't ruin your viewing experience and maybe some helpful tips like how to show equations and youtube.

    Users are invited to post feedback threads in this forum.
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  • Intelligent Design
    A forum for discussion and criticism of specialized topics relevant (pro and con) to Intelligent Design (ID) -- design detection, design specification, irreducible complexity, origin of life, platonic forms, design matrix, population genetics, cybernetic theories, semiotic theories, Fishers's fundamental theorem, Kimura's neutral evolution, Darwinian evolution, modern synthesis, probability theories, fine tuning, typology, discontinuity systematics, steganography, evolutionary algorithms, published ID material, ID philosophy, front loaded evolution, omega point theory, anthropic principles, multiverses and many-worlds, panspermia, extra terrestrials, teleology in biology, redundant complexity and fault tolerance, algorithmic complexity, complexity measures, no free lunch, blindwatchmakers, bad design, evil design, junk DNA, DNA grammars, von Neumann replicators vs. autocatalysis, Quines, polyconstrained DNA, Mendel's Accountant, DNA skittle, re-association kinetics, molecular clocks, GGU/GID models, enigma of consciousness and Quantum Mechanics, Turing machines, Lenski's bacteria, thermodynamics, Avida, self organization, self disorganization, generalized entropy, Cambrian explosion, genetic entropy, Shannon information, proscriptive information, Programming of Life, law of large numbers, etc.
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  • Creation Science
    A forum for discussion and criticism of specialized topics relevant (pro and con) to Creation Science - fossil dating, flood geology, C14, K/Ar, radio metric dating, diffusion dating, racemization dating, DNA dating, stellar and planetary evolution, erosion dating, fast stratification, interpretations of the geological column, baraminology, distant starlight problem, Y-chromosomal Adam/Noah/Aaron/Abraham, mitochondrial Eve, Tower of Babel, Proton-21 laboratory, Sodom and Gomorrah, OEC,YEC, Progressive creation, white hole cosmology, Carmeli cosmology, VSL theories, alternate electrodynamics, mantle plume theories, folding rock theories, RATE work, planetary magnetism, faint young sun paradox, moon recession, ocean mineral saturation, astrometry and proper motion surveys, very long baseline interferometry, CMBR, moon evolution, cosmological vs. non-cosmological red shifts, polonium halos, Hydro Plates and Castastrophic Plates, varves, tree rings, noah's ark, over thrusts, lithification, hydrologic sorting, canopy theory, crater theory, planetary heating, ancient civilizations, Atlantis, trophical trees in the arctic, woolly mammoths and tropical trees in Siberia, UFOs and creationism, comets and orbital mechanics, planet satellite capture problems, planetary rings, origin of folded rocks, the Grand Canyon, the Green River valley, the Three Sisters, mountain formation, seafloor formation, tectonics, etc.
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  • Christian Apologetics, Archaeology, History
    A forum for exploring archaeology and history and discussing, criticizing and developing Christian Apologetics.
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    Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:58 am
  • Science, Engineering, Mathematics
    A forum for learning, discussing, developing, and identifying top quality science materials -- physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computer science, geology, biology, etc. Being versant in these areas will help make one versant in exploration of ID and Creation Science.
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  • Rhetoric, Performing Arts, Movies, Communication
    For ID and creation science to prosper, the ability to communicate is vital from movies to books to social media to classroom to Sunday sermons. It is also vital to understand how opponents of ID and creation science use and abuse channels of communication. For example, the movie "Inherit the Wind" had tremendous impact on the culture in a way that was harmful to ID and creation science. This forum explores these topics.
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  • Economics, Investing, History, Politics
    A forum to discuss Economics, Business, Investing, History, Politics
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  • Any topic under the sun
    Any topic under the sun.
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