Metaphysical and Theological Infiinities

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Metaphysical and Theological Infiinities

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Infinity: New Research Frontiers
edited by Michael Heller, W. Hugh Woodin

Theologian Gregory of Nyssa wrote : "no matter how far our mind may have progressed in the contemplation of God, it does not attain to what he is, but to what is beneath him."
Amazingly a mathematician said this: "What God has chosen to reveal to a veil behind which the reality of God is endlessly hidden precisely as it is endlessly revealed." This is analogous to the old phrase, "the more question we have answered the more questions we have!" But the mathematicians have worked on theorems formalizing the idea that the more we know about Absolute Infinity (God) the more we realize so much of Him is yet to be revealed. Proverbs 25:2
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