mRNA translation

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mRNA translation

Postby stcordova » Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:54 am

I don't think it was the intent of the company called DesignMate to promote Intelligent Design (ID), but they unwittingly do so anyway!

[EDIT: the major problem is mRNA translation and all that is need for it. The critical step is mRNA translation.]

One of their 5-minute educational videos shows a critical step that must be solved by the origin of life.

Creationists who are serious about the creation/evolution/ID can learn a lot from watching this 5-minute video several times over. Learning biochemistry and molecular biology is like studying a phonebook, there is a lot of rote memorization of boring names.

You can get the gist of one of the major difficulties in the origin of life problem by watching this 5-minute video. If you watch it 20 times, and start memorizing the terms, that's actually a good way to learn biochemistry! Learning biochemistry is often like learning a phonebook, which is more about how much punishment by rote memorization you're willing to suffer through than one's deductive/mathematical intellect.

Chemical names are just names with lots of syllables. Don't be intimidated by names. "A rose is a rose by any other name" to quote Shakespeare.

Studying this 5-minute video was worth more than the collective years of my life I wasted studying evolutionary biology.

For beginners, some basic facts first:

DNA tranSCRIBES to a pre-RNA which is edited/processed into an mRNA.

Then the mRNA transLATES to a protein.

This video shows the translation of mRNA to a protein. Each of the steps in the video has to be in place for life to exist. A half formed translation system won't work as the organism will be dead. Dead things don't evolve!

Here is the 5-minute video:

One of my complaiints with the video is that it depicts a protein as being only 5 amino acids long. The average length of a protein in animals is on the order of 400 amino acids! A mystery, not solved in the video is how the correct tRNA is recruited, but that's some advanced stuff!

The video shows the E-P-A sites. There is a barrier to evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes because of the handling E-P-A sites as shown in the video are handle differently in prokaryotes (like bacteria) vs. eukaryotes (like animals). See: ... nitiation/
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