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Fresnel Dragster Project

PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:46 pm
by stcordova
After some thought, prayer and consideration, I've decided to attempt to demonstrate that light speed can be shown to be dependent on direction because of the existence of an Ether that most of the Michelson interferometers failed to detect but that some interferometers have managed to sense along with other experiments. One of those experiments was carried out by Reginald Cahill and it is cheap and easy to repeat. YAY!

If we can show that light speed has some direction dependence, then it shows there may not be an absolute speed limit to light. YAY! Go YECs.

The details of the experiment carried out at Flinders University in Australia are here starting on page 17:

I hope to record progress in this forum as I move forward with the Experiment. I've decided to call the device used to measure the directional speed of light - The Fresnel Dragster! Vroom vroom. ... r_Show.jpg