What will it look like when we end evolutionism?

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What will it look like when we end evolutionism?

Postby Robert Byers » Sun May 11, 2014 8:21 pm

To ID and YEC folks WHAT will it look like when we destroy darwins evolutionism?
Will it be a better world for creationism?
I suspect it will not for yEC.
YEC believes all creation ended on creation week. so after that anything that changed in biology etc was from natural mechanisms.
This was impressive by any standard and very impressive by other standards like mine.
i believe marine mammals are just adapted land lovers and probably bats are only post flood adated rats.
Etc etc. people look very different and so on.
Therefore this IS other mechanism for biological change of note.
i suspect when these are realized and discovered that it will allow a worst criticism for biblical creationism.
they will say GOD created the beginning stuff but then ever since there has been change and so genesis is wrong.
Anyways. knocking out darwin might lead to problems more serious.
just wondering what others think about when darwin is finally buried with the other wrong and dumb ideas in mankind.
Robert Byers
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Re: What will it look like when we end evolutionism?

Postby DillyGill » Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:36 pm

Of all the ideas behind how life got started I think that the fully formed idea works the best, even taking the ID approach of looking at it from the systems we build one would have to conclude that the most likely way a vacuum cleaner arrived in a house was it was delivered fully formed. Although flat pack furniture may offer a counter argument it is not complex enough to be a serious comparison. (if that makes any sense)

So once the necessity of having a purely materialistic explanation is put to death then the real debate can get started. Given that the best evidence (the fossils themselves) says the fossil record is young then we can dismiss the millions of years in the fossil record (and much of the 'knowledge' that goes along with that) and start looking at what the evidence actually says (I suggest catastrophism as a starting pint)

I think it will be a good time if YFR could get some serious research money. A totally fresh start is what is needed. Sadly I think it will take an act of God to knock the pride out of the evolutionary dept.
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