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For ID and creation science to prosper, the ability to communicate is vital from movies to books to social media to classroom to Sunday sermons. It is also vital to understand how opponents of ID and creation science use and abuse channels of communication. For example, the movie "Inherit the Wind" had tremendous impact on the culture in a way that was harmful to ID and creation science. This forum explores these topics.

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It is the question that even evolutionary biologists say doesn't evolutionary theory does not explain, namely the origin of the first life. It is where natural selection cannot work, becuase natural seleciton cannot work on creaturs that are non-living.

Time is not the friend of the orign of the first life. If we consider tornado passing throug a junk yard, the longer it stays the less likely a functioning machine like a 747 jet liner will emerge. There is something analogous in play with the problem of the origin of life. When something is dead, as more time passes, if it not resuccitated, it become more dead, not less. This is like putting a frog in a blender and expecting to reconstitute itself into a frog by running the blender for millions of years.

There is a natural direction of chemical reactions. This can be described by things like the Gibbs free energy and other considerations.

We understand the reasons for this from a scientific standpoint better than at any other time in history.

One could spend years studying why. But briefly the cell is like a self-replicating coputerized factory. It is not like a simple chemical replicator. Salt-crystals replicate, so to speak. That's not the kind of replicaiton happening in life.

The connection between computer architecture and life is described by the video:

Don Johnson has a PhD in chemistry and a 2nd Phd in computer science and worked in the field of recombinant DNA. He used to be an evolutionist until he studied these problems.
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Life is a computerized 3D self-manufactring machine. Machines like that don't spontaneously emerge from a soup of lifeless chemicals any more than a tornado passing through a junkyard creates a 747. Even evolutionary biologists admit, natural selection doesn't solve the problem of the origin of life because Natural selection assumes life must already exist for natural selection to work.

If you find it hard to believe life is a 3D self-manufacturing computer, I encourage you to study the matter more. The programming of life video is a start.


There are other videos like the Illustra Video, Unlocking the mystery of life:

There are some naysaying critics, but what they say is usually distortion, misrepresentation, and outright falsehoods. I'm delighted for people to invest time studying the facts. Facts are friendly to the Christian faith. It only superficially looks like there are no facts, because God has hidden the facts to sort out those who really want to find him from those that don't.
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I’m Salvador Cordova, and I’d like to thank everyone here for giving me a chance to introduce my work.

In 2001, as my father was terminally ill, I nearly left the Christian faith because I was troubled by 3 major questions.

1.if there is a God, why did He let the world become such an evil place, in other words, why did he let a snake into the Garden of Eden.

2.Why is God so hidden? In other words, why is he not as evident as the air we breath but instead we are left to wonder if God is just a figment of our imagination?

3. What is the evidence of God? In other words, is there evidence of miracles, because if there are miracles, there must be a miracle maker.

The theories of intelligent design and creation have convinced me there is evidence of miracles, and I’ve concluded that in addition to seeing miraculous prayers answers in Jesus name, biology is a testament to the miracle of life.

After I found satisfying answers to these three questions, I was restored to the Christian faith.

I own a small investment and research business. My principal client for my research work is world-famous applied geneticist John C. Sanford a now retired Professor at Cornell of 40 years.

A sizable fraction of all the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on planet Earth were synthesized through the gene-gun technology pioneered by Dr. Sanford. A model of his gene gun has been featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Like myself Dr. Sanford at one time believed in evolution, but subsequently rejected evolution in favor of the theories of intelligent design and special creation by God through a miraculous process. One of Dr. Sanford’s goals for creating GMOs was to help feed the starving masses on the planet. But as Dr. Sanford genetically re-engineered plant genomes, he eventually concluded there must have been a Great Genetic Engineer in the Sky who created the original genomes found in life.

In 2014, I signed a contract with Dr. Sanford’s foundation to do research including investigative reporting work on developments at the National Institutes of Health, the NIH, particularly the billion-dollar ENCODE and ENCODE-related projects which have upset certain evolutionary biologists.

ENCODE has uncovered spectacular computer-like machines in the human cells, particularly what are known as Chromatin complexes. There are about 100 trillion cells in the human body, and thus 100 trillion networked computer-like machines in every adult human.

In fact some have said the human nervous system has more connections than all the routers and switches on the entire global internet.

As the NIH ENCODE and ENCODE-related projects have highlighted the amazing nano-technology in the human genome which evolutionary biologists even to day insist in junk rather than exquisite technology, evolutionary biologists like Dan Graur have said, “IF ENCODE is right, then evolution is wrong.”

Because it is becoming apparent that recent scientific discoveries at the NIH are upsetting evolutionary biologists like Dan Gruar, I was called upon to investigate research developments such as ENCODE and other projects at the National Institutes of Health.

I’m a former scientist and engineer in the defense and aerospace industry, but I am now being retrained in molecular biology and biophysics through the generous financial support of Dr. Sanford’s foundation.

One of Dr. Sanford’s landmark claims in support of the theology of a literal Adam and Eve is his genetic entropy thesis which predicts the human genome is slowly dying. Jesus said, “this world is passing away” and it appears our genomes and the human race are at risk of eventual extinction due to accumulation of harmful gene mutations.

Although this is grims news for humanity in this life, to the extent that the genetic entropy thesis confirms the Adam and Eve account of the Bible it lends credibility Christian faith, and thus in this sense it is good news.

Dr. Sanford’s thesis is testable especially in light of NIH initiatives like the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative which is slated track the genomes of 1 million people. Thus we might have the chance to actually see if over time the human genome is indeed deteriorating.
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