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/u/stcordova you mentioned ...three years ago... that hydroplate conflicts with starlight and time. I'm reasonably familiar with Humphreys cosmogeny and Brown's hydroplate model, but I don't see what the conflict could be. Could you explain that please?

Brown has suggested a different cosmology than Starlight and Time that involves a changing speed of light. That's separate from Hydroplate theory. Hydroplate theory could be compatible with Starlight and Time. The problem I have with starlight and time is that galaxies farther away should be rotating faster than the ones nearer for that hypothesis to be true. The opposite is happening!

I think some mechanism whereby light travels faster in space and in direction is more in accord with the Bible and with possible physics because we should be able to see disturbances in the heavens as it said in the gospels. So some sort of near real time light speed explanation makes more sense.

Additionally, the fact that distant stars have the same apparent age as nearby stars seems to disagree with Starlight and Time.

I think the world of Russ Humprheys and most of his work I agree with, but his Starlight and Time cosmology I have a lot of reservations about.

Finally, I'm trying to break away from reddit because of the interface and random shadow banning that is happening. One mod at r/creation deleted a popular thread I wrote that was well within the rules and didn't even give the forum the courtesy of an explanation or notice.

I once simply posted a Bible verse and another mod deleted it.

I'm not going to participate in a forum where hours of spent in writing and responding are deleted at a moderators whim especially when I didn't violate any rules. In contrast, lots of Darwinists are in clear violation of rules and roam around freely in r/creation.
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