Beyond being family friendly and avoiding spam, there is really only one rule: THREAD AUTHORS SET THE RULES FOR THEIR THREADS. A thread author is defined as the individual who starts a topic by pressing "New Topic". Details are provided in this forum, but that's about the simplest most effective rule there is.

A mission statement is also provided. Also there is admin stuff like telling you to clear your cache so that ongoing software improvements don't ruin your viewing experience and maybe some helpful tips like how to show equations and youtube.

Users are invited to post feedback threads in this forum.


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1. POSTS MUST BE FAMILY FRIENDLY. It is possible kids studying these topics may visit. Please be respectful of them.

2. AUTHORS ARE MODERATORS OF THEIR OWN THREADS, THEY SET THE RULES. An author of a thread is defined as the individual who starts a new thread by pressing the "new topic" button. He has the right to exclude participants in his discussion. However, an excluded participant is allowed to post one reply with a link to a website or a new thread expressing his dissenting views. The form of his parting reply must be essentially:
This is my final post on this thread, and I will host further discussion here:
[url]link to further discussion[/url]

It must follow this form or will be subject to getting edited in order to conform. Egregious violators can be banned. This is to prevent rude parting shots by the excluded participant.

After the link to the dissenting view is provided by the excluded participant, the excluded participant is required to stay out of discussions he is no longer invited to. The excluded participant however is now an author of his own new separate discussion, and he sets the rules for his new discussion. Thus no voice is ever really silenced in the forum.

The aim of this rule is to thwart trolling and heckling. Hecklers are prevented from heckling a thread but at the same time not silenced. Orderly conversations move forward, but freedom of expression is maintained. Trolls might visit and post to the forum, but readers won't be forced to read and deal with troll spam, and admins don't have to get very much involved in policing the forum for bad behavior. Trolls are free to speak here, but no one will be forced to read their drivel.

Here is an simple illustration of how author moderation works using a hypothetical interaction. The thread is begun by Mr. Wise and then Mr. Troll shows up makes trouble and then is excluded from further participation. Mr. Troll then starts a new discussion, and provides a link. Both Mr. Wise and Mr. Troll can continue in the same forum just like neighbors in their own homes.

Example of Author Moderation

3. Notwithstanding the great amount of leeway granted in expressing ones views, spamming behavior or other behavior deeply inconsistent with the mission statement may result in permanent banning.

The forum administration merely provides web space for people to interact. It's only other major role is to enforce banning of participants that refuse the courtesy afforded to thread authors to set their own rules in their own threads.

The forum rules were established to minimize moderator involvement where preventing trolling. Lack of such a rule will often lead to unreadable conversations as illustrated by Example of using spam and jam to thwart truth.
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