Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Postby Hezekiah Wang » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:22 am


This mission of the forum is to provide a venue for exploration of intelligent design and creation science by researchers and educators.

The forum serves two main groups:

1. Individuals wanting to develop or improve educational or advocacy materials for intelligent design and/or creation science. For example, someone teaching or promoting an idea like "the cell is a computer" might want to get sections of his work exposed to some modest editorial review by others before actually publishing it in a major venue or archiving it on a website or presenting it in the classroom. The forum is a good place to vet material.

2. Researchers wanting to interact with others on research projects and even controlled observations and experiments! For example, answers to basic questions using low-budget research could provide evidence that helps overturn ideas that have huge institutional support and millions of dollars invested. Here are some examples:

"Is quasar LB 8956 ten giga light years away or is it a few hundred light years away?"

"Are single nucleotide polymorphisms growing in the human population?"

"Is there more radiation on land than on the sea floor?"


This forum was created to help explore these questions as well as developing means of communicating answers to these questions.
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