the problem of trusting the Bible

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the problem of trusting the Bible

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Special revelation could not be trusted to provide an accurate history of the world.

The issue for many is that "how do we know it was special revelation?" If it doesn't square with the facts we have or the facts that we believe we have, or if we're not the one to witness the miracles with our own eyes, it's simply hard to believe it is true.

For myself, when I thought perhaps that I had seen miracles of answered prayer in Jesus name, I thought it risky to be an atheist in case there indeed the Christian God was real. I then considered the possibility that life could arise by itself beginning with Pasteur's experiments. Since then, it only became more convincing that it was most un-natural for random soups of molecules to evolve to the first cell, and then a cell to evolve to fish, and then a fish to evolve to a bird.

I think, on many levels the issue of the youth of the Earth and Universe are not as easy to argue as the design of life. There is a simple reason for this. The universe looks grand and powerful. It's hard to believe something so grand hasn't been around for ever. In fact up until the discovery of the so-called background microwave radiation, most thought the universe was eternal!

I actually don't believe the facts are evident. Most of the necessary facts are hidden, and it's only by God's grace eyes are opened to the truth. I sometimes think for example, "what if Astronaut Charles Duke didn't come into my life and tell me of the miracles he'd seen worked in the name of Jesus, like a blind girl healed at a prayer service?" It was just enough to get me through the dark nights in my life, and then I realized a few miracles happened in our family, but I was too overwhelmed by other things to notice. What if I didn't have scientific training to at least be able to understand basic books on origin of life. What if we didn't have data on geology and astronomy? So many things just seemed to be available. It wasn't easy to find the facts, but they were there as if God left them for us in 21st century.

So I think, people will accept the Bible because God has done something in their lives that gives them faith. It has less to do with what the prevailing theories of the age of the Earth are.

Regarding the rejection of Bible as historical fact, it has way more to do than the age of the Earth. Consider passages in Ezra and Daniel regarding the Kings of Persia. To this day, I find those passages highly problematic from an evidential standpoint. One might believe them because one believes Jesus rose from the dead and Jesus was the fulfillment of the scriptures that include Daniel and Ezra. But then why should someone believe Jesus rose from the dead?

Well, it became more believable to me that the Bible was inspired as I found more evidence of Noah's flood and the youth of the fossil record. Though we haven't resolved the problem of distant starlight, there are enough anomalies in astronomy that demand reconsideration of basic physical theories.
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